AWWWW… they made our rescued mascot a cover model :)


This philosophy of rescuing other people’s junk is something we find more rewarding than anything.

Case in point- when we found our 1971 International Harvester TravelAll, she was a mess. She was so rough she couldn’t even make the 10 hour drive to us, so we had to trailer her in. Much of her paint was missing on the hood, doors, panels– it looked like acid had eaten away her pretty green paint job. She was, well- super ugly. The hunter who had owned her before us used her as an overnight camper, so the back area was all outfitted with curtains and shag carpet:). Her ugliness was the primary reason folks kept passing her up when she went for sale, and why we got her so cheap.


And here she is now, with just a partial paint job, a spit shine, and a new door lettering- Рa cover model! And all in, a few thousand bucks (less than some folks who spend more on fancy racing bicycles). 


Thanks so much to Minnesota Monthly Magazine for including us in such a nice round up of places that we admire, including RedWing, Faribault Woolen Mills, The FLW ‘Seth Peterson’ cottage, and Kohler. We are honored and beyond humbled to even be mentioned alongside those institutions of craft and history.


All photography by our talented friend Bob Coscarelli