Giving back.

thanks, Kristen Larson for the fun talk, and for sharing the part of the our story that matters most to us. Sharing our little camp retreat with folks. check out her whole story on bridentitycrisis.

“Half of everything we do at Camp is philanthropic to support the arts; events like Art Camp, Band Camp, & Food Camp. We open our doors to those who create, and in turn, they make beautiful things that inspire others. Call it good karma, but we have found that people like to share their experiences at Camp with others, and that organically turned into more folks seeking us out. We are humbled and grateful to be in a position that we get far more wedding requests than we can accommodate, so we have the luxury of picking who will be the most laid back—the most ready for a ‘Camp’ style event.”


photos: stephanie bassos / portrait: Bob Coscarelli.  photos of the lovely wedding of our dear and talented friends Caitlin & Seth of The Foxglove Studio

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