We are looking for someone to go on an adventure with us. PART: camp counselor/ co-manager / guest WRANGLER / coffee maker / park ranger / tipi erector. 

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS JOB: It’s damn hard work. Long (summer) hours. The salary doesn’t pay as much as you’d make if you’d finished your MBA. A few months off a year (partial paid) to recover for the next season. Many kinds of benefits. Some tangible, some intangible.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Looking for one good man. (Or a woman, if you know your way around a chainsaw.) This job is not for the meek. The right candidate will already own their own pair of waders. (You can stop reading now if you don’t know what those are). Can fix a leaky pipe and isn’t too squeamish to take out a rabid raccoon if its threatening campers. One day you could be hosing down a canned ham trailer and the next you’re a grip on a film shoot. This job means that you’ll be part tour guide, part fishing guide, part first aid guy. Helping our crew set up camp in the spring rain, and tear it down in the fall cold. Shipping campstore gear,  keeping the tool shed & workshop organized. And other stuff, like Inventory, loss control, security, vendor management, quality checks, guest check ins, errant rodent eviction. Helping to run every kind of event imaginable from: Maker’s Camps to Sportsmans Weekends to Beer / Food Retreats, to hand-holding urban types for their company “outdoor adventure” outings. And… sometimes just making folks a pot of coffee, a campfire and visiting with them.

MUST HAVE: Balls of steel. Heart of gold.  Strong back. Level head. A love for the outdoors. A love for dogs (& people)

SKILL SETS. Among other outdoorsman basics, must know how to: Back up a trailer, run an ATV / snowmobile / firetruck. Help build a respectable bonfire. Show campers how to light the smoker, paddle a canoe & have a good time. This is a full-time job for  a reliable Self-starter, dependable, accountable, responsive, patient person. Be equal parts teammate & team leader. (No room for egos on this job. You’ll be working side-by-side with our current small-family / crew.) We’ll teach you what you don’t know – and within a year you’ll have your MBA in outdoorsman.

YOU HAVE TO WEAR THE UNIFORM. (Sorry, no exceptions) Park ranger shirt in the sun. Wool Pendletons & work boots in the cold. For most folks, you will be among the first to greet them at Camp Wandawega, so always wear a smile.

ONLY SERIOUS APPLICANTS NEED APPLY. If we haven’t scared you away yet, here are the full details.

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