Drag Queens, Dancers & Drama: The first annual Salondawega

(…and by ‘Drama’, we mean the dramatics). Thespians, actors and performers of all walks of life.

And so it went- the gathering of them all this past season at camp.  We were proud to host this creative group to workshop their arts in the woods.


“Calling all artists with generative performance pieces in the works: Salonathon Presents will take over the  Camp Wandawega for 2.5 days at the end of this summer. This is an opportunity for artists to share works-in-progress in a supportive and uninhibited environment. This is also an excellent opportunity to get to know other artists, plant the seeds for future collaboration, and just plain have fun in one of the most beautiful settings in the country. Over the course of the stay, participants will present their work to the group, give feedback and dream about each project’s future, and develop new creative alliances that can travel back to Chicago and beyond.”



Salonathon, founded in 2011 by Jane Beachy as a home for underground, emerging & genre-defying arts.  Salonathon consists of curated nights of short form performance every Monday night at Beauty Bar Chicago, and Salonathon Presents has brought larger/one-off Salonathon performances & parties to such venues as Metro, Steppenwolf Garage, Columbia College, Logan Square Auditorium, & Berlin Nightclub, and has partnered with the likes of the Chicago Reader, Empty Bottle Presents, and the University of Chicago.



A diverse collective of artists, performers, writers and creatives were selected to participate and an epic week ensued of workshops, meals (thanks, Sportmans Club,  Letherbee and Longman & Eagle).  The Salondawega instagram feed / The  films / The website


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