To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Camp Wandawega…

…and to celebrate our listing on the register of historic places, We have created a not-for-profit organization called the ‘Wandawega Historical Society

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? We like to support those who support us. What makes us happy is making other folks happy. We’ve been operating in spirit as a not-for-profit for years, so we wanted to make it official. This new entity will allow us to give back more. All of our donated facilities events have been a joy —  from the 50 year tradition of “Mass in the Grass” to Art Camp, Kids Camp, Salondawega, Craft Camp. In 2015, we hope to host a writers retreat and a performing arts camp.

MISSION: To inspire people to understand and appreciate the irreplaceable value of the historic buildings and places within the Lake Wandawega community, and their relevance to modern life. We envision an engaged community who promotes careful stewardship and active use of these diverse resources and recognizes the economic and cultural benefits of their preservation. We envision a community where new development complements and reinforces historic structures, contributing to a healthy and enriched environment that will continue to benefit generations to come.

Wandawega Historical Society, Inc. is a Wisconsin 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Nonstock Corporation: For the preservation, renovation and interpretation of the historic Camp Wandawega/Wandawega Lake Resort so that it can continue to be enjoyed by current and future generations. Camp Wandawega is recognized on the Register of Historic Places.

To learn more, visit the new website for the organization: WANDAWEGAHISTORY.ORG. And check out the beautiful film that New Leaf Films created for us as a show of support.


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