‘FRIDAY FIVES’ – Camp W on The Infatuation today…

Calling all foodies!- well, this was fun! We’ll take any chance we get to give a shout out to those we love.

For those of you who aren’t Infatuation addicts, its a site dedicated to ‘restaurant reviews for the people’.

They get all sorts of folks from all walks of life who give their top five picks ‘FRIDAY FIVES’ & why they love em’.

(some of our favorite former ‘top fivers’ are below). For more on camp’s Culinary culinary adventures, check it out

And, a few of our ‘top’s:

Parsons, Lula Cafe, Floriole Cafe & Bakery, Antique Taco, Heritage. & friends Nathan, Michael, Theron Humphrey, Paul Octavious & Chicago Athletic Association


Thank you, The Infatuation for the shout on behalf of Camp- We looking forward to having ya’ll pay us a visit this summer!




By Sam Faye


Friday Fives from Tereasa Surratt, owner of Camp Wandawega. If you’re unfamiliar with Camp Wandawega, then we feel pretty confident Tereasa is about to be your new best friend, because it’s essentially an overnight camp meant for adults. Wandawega is located a couple hours outside of Chicago, so you can escape city life, sleep in a “cabin,” and take part in activities raging from canoeing to archery. Tereasa, along with her husband, have been running the place as proprietors/toilet fixers/camp counselors since 2003.

Tereasa’s love of art and design is evident throughout Camp Wandawega, and the aesthetics make it a creative getaway as much as it is a place to disconnect, relax, and have fun. No surprise, Tereasa has great taste in food too. Check out her Friday Fives below, holler at her on twitter at@tereasasurratt, and consider making a trip to Camp Wandawega.

Tereasa’s “Perfect For” Picks


Lula Cafe (2537 N Kedzie Ave.) – “Don’t kid yourself that you’re getting a table. If your butt isn’t in line better get there by 8:45 on Saturday morning. These folks are the original logan square farm to table pioneers. Order the “11am Sunday 54 E. 1st Bloody Mary” (thats the real name) they make it with gin instead of vodka, and it’s amazingness.”

Girls Night Out

Floriole Cafe (1220 W Webster Ave.)- “Finally. a no-judging zone for breeders. nobody is gonna call you out for double-parked obnoxious double wide boogaboo at this joint. – & they have mastered the art of crafting the perfect pastries to bribe your screaming offspring with – I’ve had the most success with the peanut butter and jelly cookies.”

Outdoor/Patio Situation

Parson’s Chicken and Fish (2952 W Armitage Ave.) – “Go for the chicken, stay negroni slushies – full-on drool mode after two (I’m a lightweight, so one and done for me). Bonus is that the patio doubles as an ice rink in the winter. pretty sure that’s a Chicago first. Disclaimer: I’m NOT condoning drunk skating.”

Cheap Eats

Antique Taco ( 1360 N Milwaukee Ave.) – “I just love these two. The owners Rick & Ashley got their start selling tacos at a flea market stall. It’s upscale street food brilliance. Great decor. (what’s up with that name?? its to honor their incurable flea market addiction) While you’re waiting for your pork carnitas, order the habanero popcorn & rosemary margarita.”

Impressing Out of Towners

The Tavern at Soho House (113 N Green St.) – “Roll into the 5th floor, grab a leather banquette & camp out for the day. It’s a constant stream of eye candy & people watching. The drinks are strong. The interiors are killer. I sort of want to move in their full time. My efforts have been unsuccessful thus far, but I am not discouraged just yet.”

Bonus Round

Heritage Bikes (2959 N Lincoln Ave.) – “Only place in Chi to get an A+ latte & a helmet simultaneously.”
Lost Lake (3154 W Diversey Ave.) – “Hands-down best dressed cocktails in the city (& Chinese take-out to boot).”
Chicago Athletic Association (3154 W Diversey Ave.) – “Not even open yet (2015) but hottest ticket. Can’t wait for The Cherry Circle Room (restaurant) to open. EPIC.”

Tereasa’s Instagram People

@pauloctavious – Dude is always making mind blowing stuff.

@nathanmichael – Food porn.

@uralmotorcycles – Adventures from a sidecar.

@fuckjerry – Too. much.

@thiswildidea – Who can’t love a dog who can do a toe stand on a flag pole?