The house band has arrived.

Ever since we found this photo of Wandawega Hotel circa 1940s… we’ve wanted to get a jukebox. (see it there tucked in, next to the fireplace?)


So… the search began this year- and we finally found one that was both affordable (and more importantly, actually works). Its a Wurlitzer, and we love her.


In 1963, the year our Jukebox was made, this was the world we lived in:
SALARIES: Average Income per year $5,807.00

GAS:  per Gallon 29 cents

AUTOS: Cost of a new car $3,233.00

GROCERIES: Loaf of bread 22 cents

POLITICS: President Kennedy was assasinated.

FILM:   “The Birds” and “The Great Escape”

STYLE:  fur boots and towering hair do’s for evening wear.

MUSIC: beginning of Beatlemania after they release “I Want To Hold Your Hand/I Saw Her Standing There” 

wurlitzer 6



and now the fun part begins…

Stocking it with classic country records. We’ve already started with David’s substantial collection (40 years amassing 45s is now justified).

Turns out, you can find entire lots of 45s on ebay from old radio stations clearing out their inventories…

wurlitzer 4

These are the ones we are searching for now:

  1. “Ring of Fire” — Johnny Cash 2:39
  2. “From a Jack to a King” — Ned Miller 2:13
  3. “Love’s Gonna Live Here” — Buck Owens 2:02
  4. “Ruby Ann” — Marty Robbins 2:02
  5. “The End of the World” — Skeeter Davis 2:40
  6. “Abilene” — George Hamilton IV 2:14
  7. “Six Days on the Road” — Dave Dudley 2:24
  8. “Act Naturally” — Buck Owens 2:24
  9. “Don’t Let Me Cross Over” — Carl Butler and Pearl 2:59
  10. “Still” — Bill Anderson 2:47

wurlitzer 3

wurlitzer 5

We’ve parked her in the lodge (next to the pool table). She’s been rigged to run free songs- no quarters required. Give her a spin next time you visit us.