ONE. HAPPY. GIRL. Last night we visited the Land of Nod store to see the new camp line introduced into the real world. Walking up to the storefront was a surreal experience in and of itself. (Maybe it was the heaven-like halo beaming down from the NOD sign at the entrance. Or maybe it was because we have waited so long to finally see this day come)

Either way, David, Charlie & I where freaking out.  (Frankie was more than a bit sad to be left at home). And because we knew this moment would only come once, we filmed Charlie walking in the door. There is no bigger joy than watching a five year old’s face light up when she sees that her beloved mutt has been immortalized as a pillow.
That her treehouse now perfectly fit her dolls.
That she can crawl into her whole yard (cleverly disguised as a sleeping bag).
That all of her woodland friends will always smile back at her in figurine form.
That she can sneak her favorite red canoe into class.
That her pet raccoon can come home live with us full time (and mom will even let it share her bed).
We all grow up watching movies, reading fairytales and hearing folks say “a dream come true.” We hear it so much, it becomes too familiar and some days it gets diluted – numbs us a bit – until it just washes over you.
Until one day it does come true.
You get married. You make a home. You have a baby. And sometimes we take a chance and cautiously take the scary step to dream a little bigger. And then fed by sometimes irrational passion, those little dreams grow, until one day somebody else gets inspired by your dream, and manifests a whole new dream, and then makes it come to life.
We believe whole-heartedly in the power of collective inspiration. The folks that come to camp are an endless source of it, and we are so damned lucky to have a place that they come to share their passions. 


There are too many people that we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to. SOOOO many busy creative bees at The Land Of Nod who imagined, designed, crafted this little camp world, then carefully shepherded into the stores so that someday some other little one could discover it.

HUGE hugs to the dreamweavers: Michelle, Danielle, Seana, and every one of their tribe who make dreams come true everyday for so many kids. (You have made me a very happy girl, too).

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