We are thrilled to announce a very special collaboration with our friends at TATINE candles! A custom, limited-edition candle created exclusively for Anthropologie.

THE CANDLE: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/home-candle/37271228.jsp#/

THE FILM: https://vimeo.com/145939388

THE MAKER; http://tatinecandles.com/  


“Time stands still at Camp Wandawega, a rustic resort in the heart of the Wisconsin woods and an outrageously Instagrammable retreat for the creative set. This gift box custom created with TATINE CANDLES encapsulates the Wandawega spirit and its commitment to the simple pleasures of simpler times. Tucked inside a woodkeeper’s crate, you’ll find antique newsprint wrap, a woodsmoke-scented candle poured into a beer glass, a box of matches, a fish hook clip and a deck of stories.”

  • Includes soy wax candle, boxed matches, money/tie clip, stories deck
  • Candle: 35 hour burn time / Candle: 4.5″H, 2.5″ diameter / Crate: 4.75″H, 3.25″ square
  • USA / Style No. 37271228
  • THE GOLDEN TICKET (inside each candle) For the folks who buy the candle, share their inspiration and tag #TATINEOFFICIAL for the chance to be entered to win a cabin vacation at Camp Wandawega. “For official rules see wandawega.com/official-rules

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keep a look-out in your mailbox for the 2015 GIFT BOOK- where it’s featured:

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More on Tatine-  INSPIRATION: Emotion, experiences, love, music, memories, travel, sensuality and moments captured, underlining life. ATMOSPHERE: The crackle of a needle on a record, a warm candle flame. Storytelling through rock ‘n’ roll and mesmerizing fragrance blends.



I bought 250 (new old stock, FULL) antique wooden match boxes in prauge at a flea market.
they wouldnt let me fly with flammables, so i spent a full night in my hotel emptying every one of those little boxes, and re-rolling each of the 25+ matches each–
just so i could fly home with the empties on my lap.

then, legally- I had to ship the matchsticks seperately in hazard overseas courier.

then, once back in the states, I had to recruite friends to help refill every little box with their original wooden matchsticks. one by one.
(becuase they are the perfect antiqe patina that only comes from being a 70 year old match that has been stored like a time capsule— shiny new bright white wooden sticks from CostCo just wouldn’t do)

Is because the antique wooden boxes matches used to be hand made of balsa wood, then wrapped in paper- today they are cardboard and machine made.

those little boxes are relic that no longer exists.

(this might give a new meaning to ‘detail freak’)
but it could also have been:
hand-rubber stamping every sticker seal.
hand numbering & writing each round label.
assembling 6 note cards & affixing with the fish hooks.
my fav part–
weeding through hundreds of pounds of antique 1920s wisconsin newspapers- to pick the full sheets with the best (most engaging or bizarre) headlines-
to then fold down to showcase the headline on the very top and center of the candle.


the 300 people that get this candle will never know what really went into making it. that’s why we made the ‘story book’ to go into each gift box- to tell the individual stories of each component. where it came from. its history. why it matters to us.

if a fraction of the recipients who get these things appreciate the details as much as we do when we made them all- then we’ll be happy campers.