ALERT: More Oversharing

Unless you are also obsessed with rehabbing bathrooms, read no further. We’ve been sorta obsessed this season while we’ve been closed, rehabbing the scary places that we’ve been hiding (and ignoring) for years. This past week we hit another guest bathroom in the main lodge. And by “hit” we mean:

  • Gutted portions to the studs. New concrete board, subway tile built-in shower, with vintage style Kohler industrial fixtures.
  • Ripped up the plumbing in the floors & laid penny tile w/ black grout (we hate cleaning white grout).
  • A new toilet! (So ridiculous that this could bring me so much joy).
  • A new old stock sink! (Vintage NOS find for $30 on Milwaukee craigslist = happy score)
  • And our one worthwhile splurge, a two-handle Kohler industrial exposed shower.

And so now when you come visit us at camp,  you’ll have to pee while starting at a mass collection of antique summer camp group shots that we’ve been hoarding for years. (Like grandma always said, “everything has a place.”)

So, here’s to fixin’ up the tiniest corners of our homes that bring incremental joy (in this case, the crapper). Inspiration: ideas.kohler.com/kohlerideas instagram.com/kohler #KohlerIdeas #Kohler

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