“It’s filled in with weeds & never coming back” That’s been the false rumor this season. // The good folks at the Wisconsin DNR are determined for that to never happen. Their mission is “to protect and maintain the health and recreational use” of the natural assets of the great state of Wisconsin / They conducted a research study & identified the issue & solution, granting the community a multi-year permit to address the culprit- the invasive species (eurasian milfoil). The plan: Harvest the top couple of feet now (while the weeds winter buds are at peak) to allow the native species to thrive in the spring. We are SO happy and relieved to report that as of this week the lake weed harvester crew & mowers are out getting it once again under control. // Thanks for those who had faith that modern technology combined with our committed neighbors can make a difference. Thank you, DNR for caring for all of your lakes // this has happened a few times in the last 50 years- and it’s always come back to the smooth little lake we know & love, proving that it takes a lot more to kill this little lake. : @mattdsampson taken before she got cleared this week.