Stealing an Eskimo kiss from Charliegirl at first snow / Our showerhouse was originally a 4-kid outhouse designed by mid century master architect #HARRYWEESE back in the 1950s (he designed several epic lodge buildings for camp Juniper Knoll… and also this shed as a mini roof prototype study for a larger project) commissioned by @GirlScouts – We found it in the woods abandoned at Camp Juniper Knoll – they donated her because it had become a danger to the campers and was going to be demolished. So we moved her to camp, put her back together and turned her into a 2-stall shower shack — we found out months later that David’s Mom was a camper at #campjuniperknoll in the ’50s – and remembered it! / it makes our hearts happy to give the forgotten ones a second life- even the most humble of buildings- the lowly outhouse. #TinyHousesOfWandawega