Camp & the day job…some big news! #grateful

On this special – and emotional – day, we feel compelled to express gratefulness & thankfulness. Pay it forward, friends.


ON THIS DAY… I made the decision to no longer separate church from state.
I used to fear that “you’ll lose half of your followers that have contrary political views,”
the haters will come after you” and “you can’t pick sides when you own a business.”
And for years, I’ve believed them, and feared it.
We’re not in a position to take a political stance with such a small business. We can’t alienate anyone, and we depend on everyone.
Truth is…it’s worth it to take a stand in what you believe in. So be it: we believe in unity, inclusion. So, in his words: YES WE CAN.
We will welcome everyone, if they didn’t vote for Hillary. W may not understand, but we will stand united.
We fly many flags at camp: one for United States of America. Another is a nautical flag for “all are welcome.”
So if there are folks out there that choose to boycott us for marrying gay couples, we are ok with that. If folks don’t like that we welcome every race, we are ok with that, too.
On this very significant day, another Michelle quote that got me thinking and about what matters: “WE LEARNED ABOUT GRATITUDE AND HUMILITY. — WE WERE TAUGHT TO VALUE EVERYONE’S CONTRIBUTION AND TREAT EVERYONE WITH RESPECT.”
So on this day, we will take her advice and remember to be grateful and remember to thank those who have given us opportunities

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I was recently asked to speak at the upcoming AIGA women’s conference… and am thankful for the chance to speak to some things very close to my heart. Similar to the keynote we gave At the D-Show in Detroit.
Part of the topics: Work life balance. Living a creative life. Pursuing creative passion.
As I’ve been preparing for it, its made me think even more about lessons for our daughter and being grateful.

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As we start a new year,  we are sending the best karma to everyone that they are going to achieve their goals. And we have some 2017 news that we are incredibly grateful to share:

FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS: Family, friends, a new rabbit, and an old dog.




// We are thrilled for our new custom product collaboration  (we” be able to announce soon)

// The new book launches soon! The Forever Tree – (Random House, shelf date details forthcoming)

// the new WANDAWEGA SOCIAL HOUSE opens soon – after what seems like forever, we cant wait for y’all to come share it with us. (Sneak peek sketches below). In partnership with our amazing & generous sponsors: Kohler, Rejuvenation, The Hudson Company, and more, to be revealed in the coming months as we start sharing our building story with features on each.

// We are partnering with our dream national home lifestyle retailer this spring (stay tuned for details)

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THE ADVERTISING DAY JOB…. is evolving!…and has been full of new changes, opportunities and the best kinds of challenges.  Alongside the secret squirrel clients that we love (but are under oath to not speak about) here are a few of the many day job blessings I’m counting on this day:

// Honored to serve as experiential jury president of the 2017 AICP NEXT Awards  (Thanks, AICP)

// Excited to chair the Illinois Humanities 2017 event to honor the creative powerhouse Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang. Alert: fundraising stalking coming soon (Thanks, IH)

// Blessed for the opportunity to give back, including meaningful work for the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. Creating for charities is the real creative soul saver (Thank you, FLWT)

// Thankful for the gift of perspective in recent meetings with a selfless team at a Holocaust survivors charity pro bono client (#grateful)

// Humbled for the privilege to work with the amazing team at The Land of Nod – they believe in the makers & support the little businesses ( Thank you, Land of Nod)

// Grateful to work with many new brands we admire on experiential advertising in the past several months.  ( Thank you, Ogilvy)