Trying to find a silver lining in the everyday little things – In our New Year’s resolution to ‘make the most of it’ and STRIVE to FIND THE GOOD in EVERYTHING. Our latest effort is this tiny 10×10 abandoned cabin we found last fall, hauled it to camp and restored it top to bottom to return it to its original humble 1920s ‘glory’. We parked her at the edge of camp in a spot that’s easy to snatch her up with some extended bobcat forks – so she can live out her second life as an ICE FISHING shack (but not like one we have ever seen. We are in the middle of fixing up her insides to be the coziest little ice shack ever: an “ode to Wisconsin ice fishing history.” We’ve been filming all the before-and-afters from the beginning (to share soon). Meanwhile, here she is in her new little perch overlooking the lake, weathering her first winter of her new life at camp. Can’t wait to share her with you. /// #TinyHousesOfWandawega