GARAGE TIME CAPSULE find :: The old lady bought it new in 1976 (& only drove it to & from the country club 2 miles from her front door) then parked it in her garage in 1982- where it has sat since, perfectly pickled. Ours is similar to the one pictured but an XJ6C /// To this day my parents havent ever had a new car. My dad was a mechanic & would say that new cars are a waste of money (even though we knew his real reason was that we just couldn’t afford one) — But I think Dad would have like this one (especially since we got it for the equivalent of a nice bike)She just needed a good spit-shine (& unfortunately an entirely new transmission, tires & brakes). So now were stocking up on 8-tracks for the crusty old in-dash player. Hearing Kenny & Dolly on those scratchy speakers takes me back to when I was Charlies age – although she prefers Disco Fever. / david and I have still have never had a new car- not sure we ever want one #SaveTheOldOnes