SPRING CLEANING FEVER at home : coming back weekdays has been a much-needed reminder that camp is in desperate need of ‘de-hoarding’. (last weekend we pulled out two truckloads of cabin crap to donate so far). // Thrifting addiction at home: table is from our friend @afinney27 who used it as a desk. We found the orange chairs in an abandoned building a dozen yrs ago. The Chevy was pulled from the woods in my hometown, (with advice from my dad, we fixed her up bolt by bolt over the course of a decade) // photo: @StudioGang ‘s #BrickWeaveHouse shot by Steve Hall of #HedrichBlessing for @DwellMagazine // we were kids living in David’s parents basement (in his high school bedroom, out of boxes) for nearly 2 years while we were trying to scrape together our shoestring budget to build this house (Charlie tells us she wants to live her till she’s 100… makes our hearts happy)