The Art of Stumbling into Things: 14east Magazine, Profile Series 2017 (DePaul University’s online mag). College kids are fearless. They ask the hardest & most personal questions, and somehow get you to admit to things you haven’t talked about since you were their age. // About being lost. Working to find your way in a city of millions when you come from a town of 5k. Being scared that youre not good enough, and just trying to figure out how to stop wasting life on the things that bring no joy. (Still struggling daily on that last one – but not giving up yet)The truth is that anyone who tells you they have the whole work-life-balance thing all figured out isnt telling you the whole truth.Look for inspiration in others & keep those people close. Yesterday I played hookie from corporate life with 15 lovely female co-workers to go see Wonder Woman. I left feeling inspired along with the unsettling sensation remembering how short life is, and the urge (need) to go make something creative, meaningful, and lasting. One of my heros Shelly Lazarus would call this Divine Discontent & counsel us all to “Run Towards Fear” #runningStory on todays profile line / article by @astclaire