Announcing: @REJUVENATION CAMP : #sponsored It’s been a dream of ours since we started this adventure 15 years ago to save the 1920s cabin next door (we had no idea that that we would end up building this house). Lots of mistakes, restarts & lessons learned the hard way. (One of the first contractors we talked to handed us a book of matches and told us we’d be better off burning it down. And then turned on his heels and walked away.) Now we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel (Ready LATE SUMMER god willing ). One of the brightest lights is our partnership with our design crush @rejuvenation – we are in a mission together to outfit the new #CampSocialHouse with everything from lighting to hardware, furniture to housewares, and sharing how we integrate their style into our own. #CantWait #wandawegahillhouse