HERES TO ALL YOU BIKERS@Trek meticulously dismembered one in our rathskeller filming their brand shoot … The Schwinn family stopped by to give us a history lesson on our little weathered flea fleet. NFL champ @AJKlein47 nearly rolled one coming down our hill (riding his finance on the bars)@Shinola gifted camp an official house ride to our guests with one condition: KEEP IT OUT OF THE RAIN. (pinkie swear promise) @Lululemon Triathetes came with them strapped to their hoods, trunks & feet to hit the Kettle Moraine trail heads 10 minutes from camp& @HeritageBikes is basically family by now (& should name a room after them already) @vavoompinups props them up with ladies …. & everybody tries their luck on the tandem (at least once) and yet weve somehow always taken this biking thing’ for granted— until the day that our 1-year old Charliegirl went from riding in dad’s basket to her first ride sans-training wheels. In that moment, we remembered what it was like to go it alone for the first time. (its so damn hard to let go) we told her that when she grows up, she can have any bike she wants, as long as she rides.wears a helmet, remembers that were her invisible training wheels.were just trying to hang onto her balance bar just a little bit longer before she takes off.So heres to all the bikers, whatever you roll in on, all are welcome. photos: @patrickjanelle @alilphotostudio @trek @vavoompinups @bobcoscarelli @mollyjoCollection @amandakulaga