WE JUST WANTED ONE NICE TOILET to christen the new house- (All the ones at camp are either the Hoover administration originals or what we could afford from the hardware store palette sales) #sponsored So with a purse crammed with big dreams drawn on napkins & Pinterest print outs, we visited the cathedral of design right in our Wisco backyard – the @KohlerDesign center – and left with a whole new plan *shown here* (I may or may not have fallen so much in love with a matching sink & toilet ensemble that I openly wept in the showroom – don’t judge). The nicest seats in the new Sycamore Hill House will definitely be the toilets. We dont really know what life will be like now with a sink / faucet that doesn’t leak & a bathtub that isn’t propped up with a brick. (But I’m guessing that yall won’t miss them). Grateful for @kohler #KohlerIdeas taking an interest in helping us outfit this little cabin that could the #CampSocialHouse #wandawegahillhouse (shots of Charliegirl exploring @TheAmericanClub &#DestinationKohler at #RiverWildlife)