while we continue to try to be patient & deal with construction delay woes…. gonna try to focus on the positives (room at a time, starting with the mainroom- we’ve been stockpiling in a storage locker until we can finally start the move-in) Silver lining : scoring this 17-foot-long pew at the Elkhorn thriftstore (pulled from a local church) for $100.vintage hickory chairs from Scout Chicago $100 (set of 4) -upholstering in charcoal wool camp blanketsmarble & chrome coffeetable found at Elkhorn Charity shop $25 70s glass end tables picked up at @goodwillintl $100/pairvintage lucite tulip chairs ala @BeehiveBoutique60’s vintage loop rug @strangelovely1root chair courtesy of @cargo_northchesterfield from @rejuvenationchicago fav part of this space: rad painting by our friend @struggle_inc . : @thefrosthouse