CAMP COUNSELOR PROFILE meet @Kayleighkueffner :: top 10 things you should know:1 She has this art studio on the farm she runs runs nearby 2 she is a part time taxidermist for the Field Museum3 she cares for animals (horses & more) running the farm 4 she rescued her dog Squid & travels to the 4 corners 5 she wrenches her motorcycle on her own 6 shes getting her license to be a falconer 7 shes an incredible artist: 8 she can run every power tool at camp & does.9 she has a tattoo of a mast ship as part of her arm sleeve 10 she found us- and has been hanging in there at camp for nearly 18 months already – and is one of the nicest, most interesting, ambitious, committed, hard working people we have ever met (she loves camp, and it loves her)If there is a zombie apocalypse, you want her on your team :). /// all images of her artwork, pets, work, travel & lovely life from her feed @kayleighkueffner /// #girlpower