Are we going the right direction? Asking ourselves…. Then we had an EPIPHANY: 2 nights ago. In the little room at @AdaStChicago A small dinner table with the founders of @kickstarter @GrubHub, @cardsagainsthumanity & a handful of other inspiring ass-kicking humans. Pretty humbling to have been asked to be the featured guests at the salon series created by @LostArts A Hub For Ambitious Creatives to lead a conversation on divine discontent, social accountability, the true definition and measurement of success, and what ultimately makes us all happy. (The consensus was in large part, wine). It was a reality check for us: These folks do more before 9 am than well do in a year. We thank each of them for the motivation injection & inspirational kick in the ass. // OUR LESSON LEARNED: find your fog pilots- those who inspire you, guide you – and follow their light and energy