Saints & Sinners at the WANDAWEGA INN. We bought this place from the archdiocese, but before the church owned it, it had been a House of Ill repute (so says the Milwaukee Journal – who reported that the madam was sent to the state pen for running a bawdy house of ill fame, including selling pints of whiskey here at the Wandawega Inn out of a gutted upright baby grand piano)We decided it was time to pay some respect to those prohibition owners, who believed that it was their human right to partake in a little liquid vice once in a while (outlawed or not at the time). So we converted the back half of the Lodge back to the bar that it was built for, with the original chairs & bar tables intact-The builder in the 20s hand-signed each ones underside Wandawega Inn. Oddly, the word is that there was always a bedroom behind the private sign at the back bar. So were keeping that in tact too.Pictured here: the Cardinal blessing the property when purchased by the Catholic Church – and one of the early owners, bellied up to bar (which the church ripped out in 1961). 57 years later, we can now belly up again & toast all those saints and sinners that have come before us. ** ///. photos by the talented @bobcoscarelli of the must-see @frosthouse **. ///// please note: this is not an open to the public bar, its just a place for us to hang with friends and family: sorry for those pulling in in need of a stiff drink : ). Many thanks to @missmossnyc for lending us her dear dads trophy mounts