what we found in THE ATTIC. ( Purge: to Cleanse, clear, thrive, absolve )At the top of the staircase, at about shoulder height, is a little latch that opens up the wall. Its the last remaining space at camp that hasnt been touched for 90+years. mainly because its been treated as a hoarders den for that whole time.SO WE DECIDED TO GUT IT.In the process, we found some surprises:50 assorted antique chairs (from when they had indoor mass in the 60s).A century+ old full stations of the cross sculptures.Piles of decrepit bed frames, dressers, doors, windows.Some unlucky small animal from another era.One truckload went to friends. Two to charity. Another to the burn pile. A few days later five of us had converted the last untouched space to a 30ft-long prop room. To house only the things that : We need. Bring joy. Are historic reminders of what really matters.Underneath the mountain, we found an original 20’s barroom table inscribed on the underside: “- O.K.- Joe Andrews Wandaw-E-go Lake Resort, Elkhorn, Wis”. Apparently, it was good enough to pass Joe’s inspection 90 years ago, so we’re putting it back in service.We also found floor made of literal scraps of wood – Leftovers from when they built this place (at a time when nothing was wasted here) Weve decided to never cover them up. Its a needed reminder that our foundation may not be as sturdy as others. but we do the best we can with what weve got. Shore it up, keep building up to something better & save only what needs saving.