BEFORE & abandoned collapsing fishing shack gets a second chance.——————The locals here love their ice fishing. They get pretty creative with their ice shacks- some as big as house with electricity & sleeping rooms! We’ve been dreaming of making our own little fishing shack for years. Every winter youll find our little lake filled with them. // After years of searching, we finally found the perfect one (don’t let her pretty inside fool you – ours is just a little 10×10 square foot shed. No power. no running water. no windows (just pop out screens). No foundation. Not a residence. She’ll never be a rental or fit for much more than a great little fishing shed that looks a bit cozier than some. // We love her because nobody else would. We found her down the lane hidden in the brush behind a neighbors house. She had a missing wall, no windows and a half a roof. There are others out there like us who have a soft spot for these little forgotten sheds – thanks Flea Market Style Magazine for making one little 7 year old super happy to share her little bluegill shack with the local community who come for our seasonal ‘mass in the grass’ church service memorial day through Labor Day – open to everyone. (We popped it up here to it’s little parking space with a fork truck- Instead of sitting on a trailer, shes got a wood platform to keep her up out of the mud and give her pride of place on a hillside instead of the backwoods she’s been decaying in for the past 90 years.) Charlie’s favorite detail is a little latched hole in the middle of floor where she can drop a line through to the ice. We want Charile to grow up a proper Wisconsin girl, learning how to bait a hook & not be scared of the worms biting her :) *Next winter when the ice is sturdier, the dream its to bring it out to join our neighbors for a little family Lake Wandawega Ice Fishing weekend. (we are not great fisherman, so well be open to some instruction if anyone wants to join us) OFF SEASON: we’re collecting and filling her with local Wisconsin fishing photos, gear & making her a little ‘Ode to Wisconsin’s favorite winter pastime’ shack.