At the end of his life, my dad Tom didnt have a cent to his name. 60 years of breaking his back as a mason, mechanic and laborer didnt pan out the way hed dreamed. (And yet he always somehow gave his five kids exactly what we needed). When we took the keys to this abandoned summer camp he gave us the greatest gift – some rope & scraps of wood and two hours later hed christened our new home by making his grandkids the same type of swing hed built for us when we were little.Years later, That little swing would inspire strangers to build a treehouse around it…That would inspire a kids company to make a dollhouse version of it…That would inspire a publisher to print a book about it…That would inspire a toy company to turn the story into an augmented reality book reader to tell the story of the power of a single act of kindness… to leave a legacy long after dad left us.@randomhouse just shared the news yesterday with us that this April The Forever Tree will come to life in a way we never imagined -inspiration is infectious and it can all start with a single act of kindness. The legacy we leave behind for our kids has nothing to do with money. Goodwill & kindness is Forever – thank you, Dad.Story in DailyMail in todays profile line.