Look Closely. Down the trail, 20 feet past the tipi, in a crevice on the lakeside, Charlie built a little fairy village in a carpet of moss. Shes been collecting the teeniest of figurines, making miniature ponds out of Elmers glue for weeks in anticipation. By this time next summer, she wont remember this little playland, and will be too busy doing grownup 8 year old things that dont involve parents & fairies. If the raccoons dont get to this, mother nature will surely take it down. But not yet. For a couple more months this summer- shes taking up residency here, and welcoming visitors. This weekend, Charlies expansion plan may include a little creek. More terrarium animals to keep her fox company? Ideas welcome.Lesson learned summer of 2018: childhood is fleeting. Build more treehouses, sandcastles and fairy villages – like her grandpa says (her official moss village sub contractor) Its the little things that matter most. (Trying every day to #LookCloser )