The 7 forgotten things youll find behind the door of cabin No.3:1 a portable 1972 yardsale score: 8 track player with kenny, dolly, willy & hank tracks.2 hand block printed linoleum from 1930s (found under 3 layers of tile)3 50s fridge plastered with vintage travel magnets (that will only fit a 6pack inside)4 a view of the lake you dont have anywhere else at camp. (back in the 20s, Wisco had not yet created set back laws)5 a boyscout knot tying lesson board. (to get your merit badge from the porch watching it rain)6 an antique card shuffler found in the back rafters of the attic. 7 bodychart saved from my high school gym before the It was taken down by the wrecking ball after five generations of our family went there. bonus: 5 a 10 week old lab who will chew her way through every obastacle in her path.when you spend a full week off the grid, with friends and family… you get the chance to notice the little things.this past week we got the chance to open our eyes a bit to the good, the bad, the ugly, the broken.the weird… the little from the @erinraemusic ray weekend