LODGE REDECORATING (to be band space) thank you sincerely for the layover on your tour route from Nashville, @erinraemusic Music. And thank you for the spending the night with us & your rad feature, @UpRoxx “Rae was booked to do an intimate fireside show at the camp, but the day of rain meant that the show had to be moved indoors, to the camps main lodge. Rae, her full band, and opener Good Buddy perform on an assortment of vintage rugs, framed by a fireplace and several taxidermy deer mounts. I sit on a blanket on the floor, next to a stuffed raccoon that makes blistering (but not unfriendly) eye contact with me for Raes entire set. The show is small enough that Rae knows everyone she is playing to by name; we all spent the day together at camp shooting arrows, throwing axes, and whistling the chorus to Santanas Smooth.” *story link in bio*