LONG LIVE AMERICAN MANUFACTURING.A special project for us has been in the works for going on a year now… with our friends at @ConwayElectric.We’ve long been inspired by their founder, Kevin (whos personal motto is rightfully ‘Power To The People’ ) His blog summed it up for us when he shared the story about his dad running a business in their midwestern home for 30 years and what happened with American manufacturing: check out his post : Why we bother being made in America. Our #WandawegaHillhouse partners at @Rejuvenation describe his goods as:”Influenced by nature, architecture and mid-century aesthetic, Conway Electric strives to achieve design simplicity with a quality-made badge. Based in Seattle, Washington, they partner with various suppliers and factories to source and manufacture quality products that support families and friends who make a living building with their hands. Assembled in the USA *In the USA* is the part that pulls at us. When camp was built over 90 years ago- everything down to the last nail in the floorboards came locally. We’d like to get back to, and stay true to that mission.This is all we can say for now, but we look forward to sharing what will make a big difference for our small mom-and-pop. #staytuned #powerTOthePEOPLEphotos: Conway Electric #Ext #Original #Authentic#HandMade #MadeInUSA