We have been hesitant to show anybody what this place really is (underneath it all)Unfortunately, we’ve found that the ‘befores’ are sometimes more information than some folks really want to know. (They get freaked out, question whether they want to stay here.) But now we figure what the hell- might as well tell the truth about how broke this place was- because every time we get scared of another project- we look back and say ‘well, we’ve dug into worse before’. It gives us hope that nothing is too far gone. We got this old cabin for peanuts. It was being sold for just land value because the cottage was all but condemned. For all those years before we finally got it – we watched it disintegrating into the earth, people had given up on it (even though it had lived through so much more than most of us will)So, we’re gonna share out a few more of the scary realities (the original house is still inside the new #wandawegahillhouse) under the floorboards, between the new walls. We call it her ‘skeleton’ inside -we’ve rebuilt a new house around her.THE CHEAPSKATE SOURCEBOOK DIARY: – ///we gathered a big chunk of the rocks for the chimney from around the campgrounds here. (the ones charlie picked at 4 years old are at center inside) – //// the wood chunk mantel is made from one of the old house’s original support beams (replaced becuase the foundation has literally collapsed into itself) – //// the floors are 150+ year old wood salvaged from a barn – stained with a homemade vinegar & steel wool stain made in 5 gallon buckets, then rubbed down & buffed in with motor oil (@hudsonflooringco) – //// the furniture a hodge-podge from thrift & junk stores, flea markets & hand-me-downs. Except one nice couch from @westelm – a clearance floor model scored for $600 because it was missing a button. (we tend to gravitate towards things more when they are a little bit broken ) / diningroom table from Walmart, chairs from @beehivevintage, couch from Scout home for $100, (that we ended up upholstering in clearance military blankets found on amazon). Fav detail: ceramics on table by the Julia of @grandmontstreet #FreedomFromPerfection