HOUSE RULE: Nothing crosses the threshold if its newer than 1960. We try to stick to this (except for sheets, mattresses, pillows & the stuff that none of us want if its not new.) So when youre up here next, go on a scavenger hunt: if you find anything new (even a spatula with a plastic handle instead of bakelight or wood) let us now, so we can donate it. Some folks leave new stuff behind (were looking at you, lime green frisbee & purple plastic chip bowl). We like to recycle the old, so thanks for humoring us in our OCD ways. So when resourceful & talented @aimeemazzenga & @jonnymendez__ came to camp to shoot some of the bunkhouse bedrooms, they had very little to work with, (we have been stripping these rooms down a little bit more every year) hoping to get them back a little closer to what they would have been when the Wandawega Hotel opened for business in 1925.