UNDERGROUND WANDAWEGACamp has a room with a seedy underbelly.If you walk in the front door of the lodge- and head straight through the pool room & bar, youll find a little room in the back with a trap door in the floor (currently under the bed). A narrow staircase leads you down to what was once a secret booze & gambling room during prohibition. The researchers doing the documentation for the Historic Registry found so many newspaper articles about the raids- (including nickel slot machines folks would play down there). One local who went by Charlie (in his 90s at the time, now gone for over a decade) came over one day and told us about how people who wanted to leave quickly would exit the upstairs bar, to the trap door through the floor- to this room below- and exit out the one exterior door that led to the original 45-step staircase that would take you down to the lake, to the old pier. From there, you could hop a rowboat to the other side of the lake, to the opposite beach and parking lot to make an escape (from the law or your wife looking for you). The Staircase is still there.We still call this room The Rathskeller, but it is now our workshop. It still has the tin ceilings (& we found a working slot machine for old times sake). We keep the workshop stocked with deadstock hardware for camp repairs. // current photos by @bennett_young