LITTLE KNOWN SECRET: A few years ago, on our mission to find & save little cottages – we started cold-calling scout camps to see if they had any tear downs slated for the wrecking ball. Luckily- Camp Juniper Knoll (just 3 miles away) answered our call. The girlscouts have more camps & buildings than they can afford to maintain- so we were invited to come take a look- they had an old outhouse that was about to be demolished. It was buried deep in a section of abandoned woods. As soon as we saw it, we recognize the twisted saddle (‘butterfly’) roof as the work of architect Harry Weese. ** Weese worked alongside Ralph Rapson, Florence Knoll & Charles Eames… and is best known for his Time life building, Washington Metro, Metro Correctional Center, & our fav: “Shadowcliff”in Wisco.** After much moving drama- We got her to camp & converted it to a 2-room showerhouse. Once we had her set- David’s mom recognized it…It turns out that 60 years ago she was a camper at Juniper Knoll- this little wood shack with the tin roof was no stranger. We learned that Harry had re-designed much of the camp in the 50s, with its epic open air dining hall, (sadly, recently demolished). No matter how humble, we appreciate architecture of all kinds, and are happy that even a little shed can have a bit of historical significance. Undoubtably his most humble of ‘buildings’ now has a second life. When Harry designed a temporary pit toilet as a prototype for his roofline concepts he surely never imagined that someday it would be documented by the State Historic society. // shots: harry with #miesvanderrohe , at work, the bldg plans & blueprints of juniper knoll lodge Thanks, Harry!