We have found Northwoods paradise, and its called @CoonsFranklinLodge. Think Dirty Dancing in Wisconsin (if Kellermans where originally a logging camp from the 1880s turned lakeside resort) /// First up on our research trip of 4 days of 12 historic Wisconsin Northwoods lodges, lakeside retreats, summer camps & fishing/hunting camps ///Coons is a throw-back to 1930s heyday of the lakeside resort. Our cabin – and the entire 200 acre resort – is literally a time capsule, running 126 seasons and counting. Coons was not manufactured to emulate a historic experience It is the most historically accurate preserved place weve ever seen. A time capsule timber clubhouse with ping pong, billiards, and the longest old hickory rocker lake porch weve ever seen. Log cabins lining the lake. an ice and firewood boy delivers every morning. a server & dining room table assigned to you in the main lodge for your stay.You are required to dress up for dinner.No credit cards. In keeping with throwback lodging tradition.Upon acceptance of your reservation, you must mail in a deposit check. (a personal fav old school detail)The heater1940s – in mint condition, a beautiful, functional museum pc.Resort standard in 20s-60s, One weeks stay is required. (unless you can snag one of the rare 3-day windows that occasionally pop up)No negotiating, no discounts, no trades. (they have never advertised. don’t need to) Its blissfully in the middle of the northwoods. (They dont even get the newspaper)Its Classic 1940s American Plan you eat every meal at the lodge. as a whole- in our estimation, pretty damn perfect.We met some unexpected families that we soon discovered have a common denominator: theyve been return vacationers for many decades. Coons is known for being fiercely protective of their guests privacy.Suffice it to say their library is stocked with books written about their guest families. Many of the regulars are household names of the past century (from the pages of text books, printed on beer cans and carved into monuments). We felt damn lucky to have snagged a last minute cancellation