Stumbled across this legendary road-side tavern on our northwoods road trip: The Moccasin Bar, Hayward, Wisconsin. Taxidermy dioramas of gambling, boozing, and yodeling animals cover every square inch of this place.Charlie loves it because it looks like a natural history museum. We love it because its a time capsule of Wisconsin Northwoods tradition: hunting & muskie fishing. Its the home of the worlds largest: Cal Johnson’s muskie – 67 lbs 8 oz – caught it in 1949 while he was a guest at the Moccasin Lodge. Cal is quoted as saying that “The Lord was with me when I caught this fish,” – then he preserved it in a glass case, and mounted into the wall of the Moccasin Bar. Love these old school joints, these mom and pop tourist attractions. So many of them arent preserved on purpose, as much as out of necessity. Lack of funds to modernize and remodel for the past 70Years has been a blessing for spots like this – (and were on a personal mission to find as many of these sweet little spots as possible while theyre still around.)