“Working with your spouse is easy” (said no one ever.) .Working with your spouse, raising a kid together and attempting to run a side business is rarely easy. (Giving an honest presentation about the reality of that very real struggle to a room full of strangers was anything but easy for us)This week we got to do just that when visiting the designers & architects at @genslerchicago – they asked us to give a talk on the “Virtuous Cycle of Creativity”. It was a little about the ‘Country mouse / City mouse’ juggle, the power of collaboration with builders, makers and designers, the soul medicine of giving back, and the emotional impact buildings and space can have on all of us.We walked in not knowing what to expect. (having learned that they are the largest architecture firm in the world) …. and walked out newly inspired by the endless possibilites of a what a future Camp Wandawega could be. /// Fav detail of our tour: Their offices are housed in the historic Carson Pirie Scott building, Where they let some of the history peek through (the original wall mural fragments as a backdrop to their modern work space).Home photo #BrickWeaveHouse by: Rob Jillson // thanks to our forever inspiring friends at @studiogang