We didnt expect to find this.(10 reasons to stop if you’re passing throughIRONWOOD, Michigan)We bellied up to the diner bar &ran into a little old lady whoended up being a tourism guru for her little town of 5k….we hit up all her reccos: .1the Ben Franklin. (craftdead stock heaven.) 2the ‘Worlds Tallest Indian’ -Hiawatha w/mocassins the size of a VW3 the Miners Mural (100 portraits of actual local miners) 4the bar at Olkies (untouched by time) 5the Pasty Shop (serving them since 1946) 6the localDiner on the main drag. 7the Antique Stores(more taxidermy than you can shake a stick at. for cheap.) .8the Copper Peak Ski flying jump. 9Back in WI, the ‘Clam Lake Elk Herd’ (saw 5 of them at a stand still on shoulder of the road. freaky.) .10the ‘Totem Pole Restaurant’ (technically, not there anymore, but obsessed with this beautiful ghost of a place- found a postcard of it years ago.