Wisconsin sure knows how to paint -CTWrapping the 5th Annual Ogilvy Chicago creative retreat: (aka: Camp David named after our founder, David Ogilvy. We celebrated our 70th anniversary this week with Sunshine. Football. Fish fry. Bongos until 4am. Inspiration was had by all. Camp is our weekend hobby but first and foremost it is our home, and we where happy to open the doors of it to welcome some of our Friends and Family of Ogilvy Chicago. In our combined time, David and I have worked at this agency for 32 years. #TimeFlys #CreativeCommunity #OgilvyPhotos by: 1st: @hey_marina @Gusadel @peteramedlock @whatwhatktshutt @titoramirez @erinoahern @emshoo @jenniferaanderson @stirlingmclaughlin