Not new & not improved for over 90 years. (-is Most of camp) This is the same sink used by saints (church in the 60s) and the sinners before them (the gin running Madame in the 20s). We just keep fixing it. Sometimes its just worth it.At 7 years old, I remember walking into my friends house & being awestruck by their pink toilet & avocado green kitchen sink & thinking that Kohler was for rich kids. It seemed pretty exotic that somebody could afford to redecorate at all, let alone spend money on something trendy (where I grew up you picked white because you knew youd have it forever.) At Camp, they’re all still either originals or local barn sale finds. (We still have a stash of vintage Kohlers in the basement that we hope to put back into service). We’re surrounded by household names of gigantic companies & often take for granted how they even came to be: many started by some ordinary guy with extraordinary vision. Someone with a dream, who busted their tail. Generations later it would become the dream of their great grandchildren to continue to grow.Thats why we favor family-owned businesses & like to feel like were giving that very first dreamer our business. In this case, his name was John (he looks oddly familiar). A boot-strapping Austrian immigrant who would become a dairy farmer, door to door salesmen, iron worker & eventually build one of the most iconic brands in the world.If you told me that someday wed have a house filled with @kohler I would not have believed you. Last week, they launched a campaign online featuring the camp – where all of the sinks are white & fancier than anything my childhood self would have ever dreamed of having.Weve heard that we are all capable of making our own luck by picking a talisman. So every time I see that logo set in porcelain, it reminds me that anything is possible. We cant say for sure, but we think its working for us so far.Thanks, JohnPS: years ago, I brought back a $12 frame that I turned into a mirror and a $15 oil painting from an Austria flea (both from around the same time that Kohler immigrated from there – they now hang in both the baths. #BestPartnerSponsor @kohlerdesigncenter