“SEEKING PHOTOGRAPHER FOR BARTER (The invitation we put out into the universe a couple months ago). So surprised and overwhelmed to have received so many (hundreds) of offers to trade cabin stays for their photo perspective .We are on a mission to host one photographer a month for a year. Last month, we have featured the work of the first: (@bennett_young ) .and excited to share our 2nd in ‘the barter series’ by: @Luk.e. Luke first emailed us a few years ago when he was just a teenager, he didnt have a car but wanted to come visit and offered to take pictures. when he saw the new barter post, he reached back out with the most heartfelt letter, even offering to stay in his car if all rooms where booked. He talked about what inspired him and how much it would personally mean to him (his letter was the best soul medicine- I only got halfway through and decided that where would have this young man as a guest in our home if it meant giving him our own room)He was traveling across country with his friend, and by the time he got my response, they had already passed through Wisconsin, but turned around and back-tracked a 6 hour drive to come stay.We are honored to have hosted you, Luke- and grateful to be a page in the photo diary of this epic journey you are on. thank you for reaching out back then- coming back years later. Your photos are timely & timeless. Your generosity of spirit and love of life are infectious.