This past weekend we hosted the 7th annual @GoodBeerHunting #ollyolly18 – a fun group of brewers, chefs and roasters who like to (among other creative pursuits) play kickball in the rain.And, there was more beer than you can shake a stick at. Featuring a lineup of folks who know how to have a good time. A few that helped facilitate that: @antiquetaco lunch with @5rabbitbrewery @thesovengard 5-course dinner with @angryorchard cider / breakfasts by@heritagebicycle & @rubyroasters with @themattkerney of @brassheartchicago – and a lunch with @eatminimott @eatmottst // Plus a pretty sweet throwback pack full of swag, courtesy of @landsend …..Photos : photos: @foundcoshop, @olporch, @ryanjamesburk, @goodbeerhunting, @brandon.morreale, @craft.sessions @mulvatronn @hillaryschu