The Big Draw is a Visual Literacy charity dedicated to promoting visual literacy. It runs the world’s biggest drawing festival for all ages, aimed at getting everyone drawing even those who think they cant. We are so excited for to be a part of #todayatapple to support this amazing charity.Join us on Saturday, October 27th from 1-2:15 at the Apple Michigan Avenue store, for an inspiration hour on how the power of a sketch to come to life in so many ways (in the case of Camp treehouse, a playhouse to scaled model toy, to a book, to tiniest venue for entertaining)Workshop Highlights : .HEAR: about how the tiny cabins of camp (like the treehouse) all started as sketches .CREATE: in a mini class “how to sketch on an iPad Pro & Apple Pencil” .LEARN: the true behind-the-scenes story of how house in a tree came to be .MAKE: your own treehouse design on the Procreate .PLAY: with the 3 foot scale models of the treehouse .WATCH: the animated promo short for the story .SEE: to the book projected on a wall almost as big as the real tree .GET: to take home an actual piece of the tree as a lucky inspiration talismansign up for a spot at (link in bio) _limited space – take-home talismans while supplies last -first 35 guests get the iPad to work on while at workshop