seeing this feels was like when i accidentally reverse camera view on your phone and scare yourself to death and cant *cringe* hit the reverse view fast enough. ( oh my god. who is that person? mom?) #realitysucksbut taking a deep breath and sharing this anyway, cause i really believe in this. that if we stop listening to the haters being scared of what people think/do/say… and we start listening to that little i wish voice then we can really make anything we want, and the only limits we have are those that we put on ourselves. maybe having a creative identity crisis is ok. why do we have to pick a lane? heres to going into a new year with new possibilities. a new year of being less afraid and of making more things.Thank you @VICE for coming to film a little sliver of our world….For following us to camp on a rainy saturday afternoon to trudge through the mud shooting outhouses & treehouse and talking about making stuff that makes us happy. thank you @APPLE for shipping these nice folks in from the UK to CA- and for asking us to share our story about hoping for something better. *full film on the blog. Join us saturday, oct 27th 1pm at#TodayAtApple (Michigan Ave) for a sketch workshop about manifesting reality from napkin sketches (link to reserve a spot on todays profile line) #TheBigDraw is a charity dedicated to promoting visual literacy. It runs the world’s biggest drawing festival for all ages, aimed at getting everyone drawing even those who think they cant. .2019 we are all in for supporting friends to try the things that they think they cant do.