.The big sister i didnt know.At 4am i woke up to a squirrel on my phone- and then scrolled to find this guy. I would have liked it anyway (tiny, furry, big-eyed)-but seeing who it came from is what surprised me.Somehow between raising two kids, working night shifts as an EMT, daylight hours at a salon, remodeling her house in her tiny lakeside town, my big sister has been quietly becoming an astounding photographer.Even though her work is more than good enough to, shes never had a big solo show at some fancy NY gallery and she keeps working even when nobody is looking. And nobody is ever looking, because shes the only one up before the asscrack of dawn sitting in a snowbank with her thermos waiting for hours to get within spitting distance to a baby fox.Overnight and over decades, she has developed ability to freeze these tiny and gigantic moments. Meet Amy. She is a wildlife and nature (and life) photographer. I am enormously proud of her (and i feel like i just met her). Lessons Im trying to learn from a big sister:.1. You can work 3 jobs at once if you love what you do.2. Respect motherf*cking nature. (and anything with fangs)3. Nothing worth having comes suddenly or easily.4. Get up before the sun does. Bring strong coffee.5. Never stop trying to set an example for your daughter. Even when shes 22.6. Teaching yourself & mastering a new skill at 50 is possible.7. Try.8. Talent can grow from anywhere, without pedigree or prejudice.9. Patience isnt a virtue, its a damn talent.10. Meet your family. You wont have each other forever.These big photos from a big sister: @amypoturnicki