Has anyone ever tried to cut down a tree with a two-man saw? (cause we could use some lessons)When we bought camp, we found so many saws all over the property in every basement, crawlspace and attic.One was an epic rusty thing that we’re sure hadn’t been touched since the Hoover Administration- so we thought it would be fun to break it back in. (And naively thought would be easy to cut our own for the Christmas tree for the lodge.).After much flailing, we decided to resort back to the the gas-fueled version… and because every bride needs a good chainsaw, we still had the one Id registered for years ago (slightly less rusty) ..tb to when @DavidTsay came to shoot our wanda wisco winter: ice skating. ice fishing. snowmobiling. tree cutting for @betterhomesandgardens for friends with benefits – they model. the cook.they try to help us cut trees. They are the best : @cargo_north @mrbekker