If youre offended by animal trophies, Camp Wandawega is the very last place you will want to visit. Hunting trophies are part of Wisconsin tradition. Its part of every old school supper club & lodge. And part of us.We inherited some of ours when we bought this place, found some at flea markets from another century, and others were gifts from friends. We dont have time to hunt ourselves – but are grateful to friends who have gifted us pieces over the years:antler chandelier made as a wedding gift (each antler is signed by the friends who either found the shed or bagged the deer). The bear we got from a former priest who felt guilty owning it (a remnant of his younger days as a hunter). Every spring, Charlie collects feathers, turtle shells, antler sheds and birds nests from the woods – and finds an occasional birds skull or raccoon tooth (one of our former camp counselors who worked for the Field Museum taught her how to hunt the trails for her collection). .She says she wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up. Shes getting a good start… a few of camps furry friends shot by @matt.scheffer