Craft Cabin

We’ve always wanted one of these. (it only took us a decade to make it happen). Sneak peak of the newest little project we’ve been obsessing over:
Every scout camp in America for the past century has a craft cabin… A right of passage for girls and boys, you would enter camp a novice, and leave an expert basket-making-loom-weaving-pottery-painting-jewelry-crafting scout ninja.

So after many months of researching the most common crafts made at summer camps since 1920(The sign is from cover of a 1940s book of crafts) We started sourcing deadstock craft kits, custom made craft kits, and impossible-to-find craft kits… we finally open our little craft cabin door. .

Praying that I can instill some craft love in 8-year-old Charlie so we can both spend many hours here making things – can’t wait to break this thing in.

*volunteers to help?* CRAFTS to make (on a fall day with friends and a bottle of prosecco. no, spiked cider. no. both.)

1 Cut a Linocut printmaking
2 Glaze a Terracotta pot
3 Build a log cabin model
4 Assemble vintage pick up wood model
5 Weave a basket
6 Design a sand art bottle
7 Create an arrow
8 Build a fort tower
9 Decorate a tipi
10 Paint ceramics
11 String seed beed bracelet
12 Make a gods eye
13 String a bead necklace
14 Leather crafts: wallet
15 Learn knot tying
16 Print a fish on rice paper
17 Make an leather canoe
18 Stitch a leather necklace bag (and about a dozen more crafts- I’m kinda obsessed now)

*Paying homage and respect to the century old legacy of American summercamp arts & crafts reaching curriculums*.

We are pretty sure we won the lottery when it comes to friends and family. I didn’t even have to beg to get our brother in law Adam & nephew Alan for outfitting the cabin with shelving. Mike & Jeff for shutters. And all of our friends who pitched in to help make the ‘sample crafts’ to outfit the cabin.
@lori_seidemann (beautiful weaving goddess), @illiamchicago beading!), @williammgolden (pottery!), britt (arrows!) @allisonschaffer (towers!), Emily Monroe (ceramics!) @lisalisa29 (necklaces!), rick (medicine bags!) 1st shot: @bennett_young