#RoadTrip – This is by far our favorite way to spend a weekend at camp. (Our 8 Must-see local stops for culture/arts/history fans). 1 // DISCOVER the historyof our state at Old World Wisconsin2 // LISTEN to local performers at the Belfry Theater3 // THRIFT & shop antique row in Delavan4 // DESIGN & dream at Northwind Perennial Farm5 // EXPLORE Delavan Wisconsin Historical Society6 // DELVE Geneva Lake Museum of History7 // SHOOT the epic ice castles in Lake Geneva .8 // TOUR broadway legends at Ten ChimneysThe tour guide & map on profile line. @visitlakegeneva @travelwisconsin @belfrymusic @wisconsinhistoricalsociety #tenchimneys #genevalakemuseum #delavanwisconsin #northwindperrenialfarm